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Real Testimonals from Real Clients.​

Migraine Relief

I had suffered from having several migraines in just a couple weeks time that were pretty much debilitating. I scheduled myself for a massage and after the massage Jenn asked if I had heard of medi cupping. I had never heard of medi cupping, but after being told how it can benefit our body I was open to trying it. I went in and the atmosphere was nice and calming. I was a little unsure of what it would feel like. At first the auction part was a little weird, but it was comfortable and relaxing. It didn't hurt at all. After the medi cupping I felt refreshed and relaxed just as if I had gotten a regular massage. I also experienced the JOY of being migraine free for several weeks and when one came on it wasn't even close to the ones I was having prior to medi cupping! 

Amber A. 

Post-Surgery Pain Relief & Shortened Recovery Time

Jennifer introduced me to Medi-cupping about 2 months ago. I was getting weekly massages combined with physical therapy in an effort to reduce the pain, chronic swelling,  and reduced range of motion, related to extremely tight I.T. band and hamstring following knee replacement surgery. The results have been very impressive. After having a session once a week for two weeks I was significantly better.


I love massage but the results I receive from Medi-cupping are far better. I’ve had no bruising or soreness after any of my sessions.

Walt W. 


Auto-Immune Disease Relief

I was very nervous for my first cupping experience, but I have NEVER been so wonderfully surprised!! I have an autoimmune disorder and wondered how the affect on my inflammation would be. Specifically, my hands had immediate relief after!! It was peaceful, wonderful pain relief unlike anything else I’ve had in the past! Highly recommend for anyone with autoimmune issues - I am a convert!!

Morgan M.

Increased Focus And Calming My ADHD Grandson

My grandson is so calm after his visits and he really feels better after them.  He’s starting to dialog more with us which might be a number of things combined but I do believe the cupping overall has helped him with toxicity and attitude.  Let’s face it kids are rough on their bodies and my grandson is no exception.  He stopped complaining about a number of issues of pain as well in his shoulder, foot, and legs.  I highly recommend this for kids with ADHD, it appears to be helping with his focus.

Anita C.


More Relaxing Than A Regular Massage

I recently had Medi-Cupping done for the first time at Healing Interactive. To say I enjoyed the experience is an understatement. The treatment was FAR MORE RELAXING than I thought, and was so happy with the results as it helped relieve any tension I was holding. Jenn was so professional and informative as she walked me through what the treatment would look like. I would definitely recommend this treatment and will be back again, soon, for another one myself.

Stephanie S.


Allergy Relief

I have to the worst allergies and all medications failed to give me any relief. My first cupping session on my sinuses was out of this world. I could breathe again and I felt the toxins leave my body! I have cupping on my sinuses every week since my first session. It’s a must for allergy season.


Instant Relief with Long Lasting Results

I have been having issues with my back.  I decided to try the Medi-cupping process with Jenn and it was AWESOME!  I felt immediate results and felt great after leaving the session.  My back issues did not return for several weeks.  I highly recommend medicupping to anyone who is looking for relief for on going issues.

Cathy G.

Able To Get Back In The Gym

I have had continued hip pain with a tight IT band and the cupping has been tremendously affective for releasing the frozen hip and pain relief. I have been able to start working out again! Highly reccomend cupping!


Results After The First Session

 After just one visit for cupping I had less overall pain in most areas of my body and in particular the left knee which has been bothering me for a couple of years.  I also think the follow up sessions have furthered the healing and given me more mobility. Because of the relaxed atmosphere in the office, I look forward to seeing Jenn and slowing myself down. I’m delighted at the progress we’ve made.

Anita C.

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