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About The Therapist

Jennifer is a Board Certified licensed massage therapist. She graduated in 2004

from The Dayton School of Medical Massage in Dayton, OH. She is certified in

pediatric, lymphatic drainage, Massage Cupping Therapy and MediCupping, also known as Vacuum Therapy


While attending school, Jennifer fell in love with lymphatic drainage massage.

She dove in to study anything and everything she could about lymphatic drainage

massage. She loves that the benefits extend across all age ranges and all sorts of

different types of medical ailments from the common cold to assisting ladies

who have had a mastectomy due to cancer, post surgical procedures (such as fat transfers

liposuction, tummy tucks, etc) and so much more.


In 2018, while doing some research, Jennifer discovered MediCupping, or Vacuum

Therapy Massage. Upon further testing and seeing the amazing results select clients

were having with the gentle, yet highly effective treatment type of massage, she

discovered her clients were loving it even more than standard lymphatic drainage

as it was producing quicker and more lasting results in surgical recovery, reduction

in bloat or lymphatic congestion, athletic recovery, calming children and much more!

She has now connected with physical therapists, personal trainers, and surgeons. Working with them to assist their clients and patients in pre and post surgical issues, athletic prep and recovery, cancer treatment recovery, lymphedema and more through Massage Cupping Therapy, MediCupping™ and lymphatic drainage techniques.

When she’s not serving at church or helping others relax, release, and restore, she enjoys reading, cooking, traveling and touring the parks of Tennessee with her dog. 

Jennifer Gornes, LMT
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