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What to Expect from a Massage Session

If you’ve not had a massage before, you might be wondering what to expect as you enter the treatment room or massage center. Well, we just KNOW you’ll enjoy the experience, but just in case there’s anything you aren’t sure about, here’s what’ll happen…

When you arrive, the therapist will ask you a lot of questions about your health, fitness and also why you’re there. Your answers will help the therapist tailor a treatment for you and also highlights any issues like pregnancy, previous illness or health concerns that might affect your treatment.

Be ready to answer questions about your medical history, lifestyle, physical condition, medications more, as all this goes into making sure that your massage treatments are perfect for you.

In the Treatment Room

One thing that many people are worried about is whether or not they have to take all of their clothes off. The answer is; in most cases it’s up to you, and you can do what you’re comfortable with. Most people tend to strip down to underwear; a hint is to wear old underwear too if the massage involves oils.

You won’t be expected to undress in front of the therapist, they’ll leave the room and then you just hop up onto the couch and lie under the sheets or towels provided. You won’t be exposed at any time, apart from the part of your body the massage therapist is working on.

Chair massages are slightly different, as are workplace massages. You’ll sit in a specially-designed massage chair and lean forward with the front of your body fully supported. Enjoy!

First Time Massage Worries?

Some therapists like to play music while they massage – if you don’t like it or find it distracting you should ask for it to be turned off. It’s also up to you if you want to talk and your therapist should be led by you.

If you’re worried it might tickle, hurt or feel strange, remember that your therapist is there to make the experience as pleasurable as possible and so you call the shots. If you need more or less pressure, just ask. If you're uncomfortable at any time, say so.

After your massage, the massage therapist will wake you if you’ve dozed off (this is very common and absolutely fine) and then leave you to get up off of the table in your own time and get dressed in privacy.

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